Infrared heating
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Infrared heating

Have you ever touched a surface warmed by the sun on an early spring day and felt a pleasant warmth, even when a thermometer indicates cold? The principal behind infrared heating lies in understanding how the sun rays work. They are a mixture of electromagnetic waves ranging from infrared (IR) to ultraviolet rays (UV) which travel through the atmosphere without the need of air or any other medium to carry them. When sunrays reach the object, they heat it from the inside leaving it warm without heating the air around it. Infrared rays are just under the visible light range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared heating works by directly heating objects, walls, floors, human body, or anything located near the heat source, instead of heating the empty air. Then heated objects release their heat into the environment.

Heating textile
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Heating textile

Arkon Heating is thrilled about our partnership with German based HeizTex GmbH. We are collaborating on innovative electric Heating Textile projects. HeizTex GmbH is a leader in production of heating fabric, which is based on electrically conductive textile polymer-silver fibers and polymer-carbon fibers.

The HeizTex® Technology enables us to be flexible to specific customer requirements in our Heating Textiles portfolio.

The products we jointly offer can help our clients gain a significant market advantage in traditional application areas of the electrical panel heating as well as explore new markets and areas of application that are not available with traditional technical solutions.


Infrared heating system (left) vs Standard forced-air system (right)Infrared heating system (left) vs Standard forced-air system (right)