About Us

Arkon BoothArkon Heating Systems is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.  We specialize in providing affordable heating solutions based on far-infrared technology.  Superior in many ways, infrared heating systems will be the primary heating solution globally in the foreseeable near future due to lower cost, versatility, ecological friendliness, lowest carbon footprint, ease of installation, etc. Here at Arkon Heating, we make the future available today!

All our products are manufactured to the strict ISO9001:14001 quality control requirements, and are TUV certified  for use in Canada and the US.   We stand behind our systems with 15 year limited warranty if installed by one of our certified installers.   We have years of experience in infrared technologies and are constantly developing and testing new far-infrared heating methods.  Our German partners are currently in the middle of testing new designs and materials, and we will be introducing them to North America in the very near future!  Progress and innovation are the keys to our success, and our main goal is to bring these superior technologies to our valued customers!



We are using TOP-CLASS European technology to bring warmth to your life!


You will SAVE MONEY in the long run!


Our technology is completely safe! In fact, even safer than conventional heating methods!


We offer 15 YEAR WARRANTY after using our services!