Questions and answers

Far infrared heat is generated from carbon fiber strips that are attached to silver contact bus bars connected to copper electrical strips. The silver provides superior electrical current transmission while preventing arcing at contact points. The components are then completely sealed between two plastic sheets of PET film – similar to soda bottle material, the film is thin, transparent, and very durable.

Hot air rises and forced air systems need to create a convection current throughout the room to move the hot air from the top of the room near the ceiling to where you want it-yourself. In order for the system to work, it has to make the air travel in circular pattern around the walls, ceilings and floors of an area. Even thou most of us have it, it is very inefficient, especially in the rooms with high ceilings and basements. It uses ducts to move the air around and loses 40% of its efficiency due to duct work alone. Infrared heating film does not heat the air. It heats the objects closest to it like the floors, walls, furniture, yourself, etc. The heat is concentrated near the floor of the area, not near the ceiling. 99% of energy used with infrared film converts directly into heat.

Infrared heating systems have no moving parts, no pipes, no running water. It does not require an expensive boiler and pumps to operate. Infrared system allows you upgrade any area of your existing home, while it might not be possible with hydronic systems. Even thou the average energy consumption of both infrared and hydronic systems are very close when put side by side, the initial cost of installation of the hydronic systems and maintenance is much, much higher. Infrared systems are maintenance free and if installed by a certified technician, have a much longer lifespan than most hydronic systems.

Infrared heating film is much easier to install, more durable, more powerful, and less expensive than any heated wire system out there. It has much less “cold” spots due to its uniform construction. Infrared film simply uses less energy to produce more heat.

The methods of installation vary with types of flooring (tile, laminate, carpet, etc.) Our design department will design the best suitable system based on your needs. We also provide support and guidance with every job we install. What this means is we will educate and guide the installer of the final floor surface.

You can easily heat your entire home. You are only limited by your access to power.

Our infrared heated film heats up to its maximum operating temperature within seconds, unlike any other radiant floor heating systems. The nature of our systems allows for fastest heating time by comparison.

Our infrared system designs allow you to zone any specific space of the total heated area without any loss in performance. By zoning the heated area with separate thermostats the end user has full control of the heating system and energy consumption.

Far infrared heating film is the most energy efficient method of radiant heating. Depending on the type of film, the average power consumption is 3-5 Watts per square foot. During start up period, the power consumption is 21 Watts per square foot. As with any heating system, the efficiency is directly proportional to how well your living space insulated.

Unlike wire-based or hydronic systems, infrared heating film’s heating elements are close together, and so called hot/cold spots are virtually inexistent in the heated area.

Almost any type of flooring can be installed over infrared heating film including tile, laminate, engineered hardwood, vinyl, rubber, carpet. The only non-suitable floor is nailed-down hardwood.

The installation of our heated film must be done by a qualified and trained professional installer in order to retain 25 year warranty of the product.

Due to the very thin nature of film, it can easily be installed over an existing floor with the use the use of the underlayment over the existing floor and further installation as normal. The existing floor will be treated as a standard sub floor.

Infrared method of heating is one of the safest heating systems available. There is no danger of burning yourself due to its low maximum temperature output. The design of the film and installation method prevents most common electrical concerns.

Insulation of the connectors and the design of the film make our heating systems virtually water proof.

If the film is punctured in any area with carbon strips, just the carbon strips that are punctured will not work and the rest of the system will function as normal. If one of the copper bus bars is punctured, that whole section of the film will have to be replaced.

All our products are manufactured to strict ISO9001:14001 standards. We stand behind our products with 25 year limited warranty when installed by a qualified and trained professional.

Our heating systems are controlled by GFCI thermostats. There are a number of thermostats available from the most basic ones to the top of the line Wi-Fi controlled units. We will recommend the best suitable ones based on your requirements.