Health benefits

Health and environment benefits

  • Far-infrared heating technology eliminates the circulation of dust, pollen and other allergens in the air
  • Controls molds and fungus by eliminating reliance on water heating and maintaining a dry environment
  • Heat emitted by far-infrared rays has been shown to have healing and soothing effects on muscle and join pain
  • Far-infrared heating system eliminates noise by using silent electricity
  • This is an idea heating method for maintaining a healthy environment in your home, in a hospital, nursing home, kindergarten, or baby nursery

Application of far-infrared heating products


The principle of far-infrared rays

As infrared ray in long wave of infrared rays, far-infrared rays have longer waves than red area of visible rays and stronger thermal effect and are absorbed to the objects and stronger resonance effects for organic compound molecule. When reached to objects, it is well absorbed by long waves and can penetrate into the human skin up to 40 mm by high permeation and expansion of capillary vessel by thermal effects of body helps the circulation of the blood and production of cell tissue. And, all these functions help to kill germs caused various kinds of disease.