Far-infrared carbon film structure

The structure of the film consists of carbon fibre thread and copper electrical strips to enable electrical conductivity. These parts are sealed between transparent, durable plastic sheets.

Custom sizing:
You can customize your heating system. The film comes in a variety of widths and can draw different voltage.

Thickness: 0.25mm
Width: 30 cm 50cm 80cm 100cm
Length: based on desired square footage

Electrical specifications

The infrared film converts electricity from 7 to 10 nm wavelength infrared radiation, which is transmitted to the entire surface of the surrounding area. This is exactly the kind of heat which the sun warms our planet and all living things absorb 99%.

Subsidiary materials included for installation of Arkon Heating system

  • Thermostat
  • Insulation Tape
  • Terminal Clipper
  • Terminal
  • Insulation Pad

The heater is perfect for any film coverings: Traditional flooring, laminate flooring, flooring, Flooring Carpet, Tile, Ceramic or stone tile, PVC, Etc.

Technical specifications and conditions

Model Width(cm) Thickness(mm) Voltage Power Consumption Operating temperature Heat resistance Use
W/m W/m2
XMx0511 50 0.275 120 110W 220W 40°C~50°C 50°C~60°C for general heating
XMx0611 60 120 160W
XMx0522 50 0.338 240 125W
XMx0622 60 240 160W
XMx0822 80 220-240 90-110W
XMx1022 100 220-240 110-130W